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Founded in 2005. Initially formed to teach, share and expose aspects of their amazing cultures,celebrating the beauty, the unique vibrancy and richness of the Pacific Island cultures. The enchanting rhythms and the melodies of the Pacific captivating audiences which lead to the formation of a performing group which is proud to provide electric ‘home-grown' entertainment to UK & European audiences.

Beats of Polynesia are dedicated to upholding traditional forms of the culture while incorporating the popular modern dance & music, accompanied by live drumming with the UK's only traditional and authentic Cook Island log wood drums.

Beats of Polynesia have supported Polynesian, Pacific and European communities and have entertained at private, commercia and corporatel events throughout the UK. The group perform items from the Pacific islands of Hawaii, Tahiti, Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga.


About Us

Beats Of Polynesia holds true to the beliefs and traditions of our Polynesian ancestors which dictates that we teach and pass on our culture to our children that they may grow, learn and live in richness with the knowledge of who they are and where they come from.

With this commitment Beats Of Polynesia will often support community and charity events and feature the beautiful tamariki or children of the group who join the adults in both the dancing and musical sides of the performance.

‘The beautiful smiling faces and obvious pride of the children are a sight to behold!’

With this “We invite you to jump on board our vaka and take this journey beyond the ordinary to a place of extraordinary beauty, sensual rhythms and mesmerising sounds. we invite you to be a part, in one way or another, in the proud journey of the people of the Pacific, carrying forth the teachings of the tupuna (ancestors), and their cultures forward to share with the world. These teachings are still here to be cherished, nutured and passed on with the love and respect they command.”

Over the years Beats Of Polynesia has toured all around the UK and Europe. Representing the Cook Islands, at the the rugby league world cup 2013. Represented Polynesia, at the Lo Spirito De Pianeta festival, Italy in 2009,2011 and 2014. And appeared on tv in Italy, perfoming for the beach rugby in 2007. As well as being on Itlain tv, Beat's made an appearance on the 2012 cbeebies show 'ZingZillas'. And the list goes on. Recently we have also introduced another pacific dance, from the beautiful country of Kiribati.

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